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We can convert your existing bathtub into a walk in shower in just one day !  at a staggering SAVINGS, best of all its REVERSIBLE.


The TubcuT is an accessibility modification that is both functional and  attractive. Hand-crafted from high quality, custom-fitted components, it will exactly match any tub's contour Unlike a tub cap system. The Tub Cut  can be  sized to our clients  desire from 18" inches in  width to as wide as 45" with  Just a 4" step in off the floor of the tub,  basically matches the step in of your typical traditional shower stall conversion. Our custom tub modifications  gives even cast iron bathtubs a seamless appearance and a factory look Nothing compares to the Tub Cut Call Today for a free estimate. Be sure to go through our before and after photos to see some of our tub modifications.


Is getting in a out of the tub difficult ?


Not with the Tubcut ! Why walk over your tub when you can walk through it! We convert YOUR tub to a walk-in-shower in just one day. Why tear apart your existing bathroom and spend thousands of dollars and go days without a bathroom in order to feel safe getting in and out of your tub?


This is a great solution for independence in the bath and maintaining your safety without breaking your budget. Our Tub To shower conversion process cannot be out performed with just a 4" step in off the floor on must tubs and the ability to reverse the tub cut back to a regular tub which will save you thousands on re-sale.  We convert your tub to a walk-in a shower, giving you the ability to walk through your bath tub instead of over it .  A shower curtain is all that is needed to keep the water in, just like a shower stall, or some prefer to add a shower door the choice is yours. 


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